• The Cougar Mountain Zoo and Zoological Society of Washington are dedicated to increasing the understanding and appreciation of the earth’s wildlife and the role of humanity in nature through education, research, captive breeding, conservation, exhibition and recreation.
  • To serve as a rallying point and a common denominator where people with differing environmental views can find a common cause and neutral ground.
  • To serve the surrounding schools and communities as a Living Classroom through a broad array of specialized educational programs.
  • To give every Zoo visitor individual attention and a special experience.
  • To be an important recreational asset for all ages and socio-economic levels.
  • To represent a greenbelt in the sea of development for the Puget Sound Region.

The Cougar Mountain Zoo derives its funding for capital improvements and operating expenses from the Zoological Society of Washington, Zoo generated income, private donations, bequests, corporate contributions and in-kind giving. The Zoo does not receive local, state or federal funding. All contributions are appreciated and necessary for the Zoo to maintain its high standards.

The Zoological Society of Washington is a non-profit, tax exempt, charitable 501(c)3 organization. Your cash or in kind donations to help the Cougar Mountain Zoo, are tax deductible and eligible for employer matching funds.
Cash donations of any size are appreciated and serve a great cause.