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Habitat Sponsorship

The Cougar Mountain Zoo puts forth a great effort to provide the very best in care, nutrition, habitat and enrichment for all the animals, which call the Zoo Home.

The primary purpose of the Habitat Sponsorship Program is to generate much needed financial assistance to help the Zoo maintain a quality life, at its best, for all the Zoo Animals.

The Cougar Mountain Zoo receives no federal, state, city funds or tax money.  The Zoo is funded on a grassroots level through charitable tax exempt contributions from individuals, businesses, corporations and other organizations.

Your Benefits

  1. Your very own Engraved Stone in the Sponsor Honor Stand displayed
    in the Zoo.
  2. Individual Engraved Sign with your name, message, address and/or
    other information placed by the Zoo Habitat of your choice.
  3. Your name listed on the Zoo Map and ready by all Zoo Visitors year round.

How to Do It!

Complete the Habitat Sponsor Form and forward with your donation to the Cougar Mountain Zoo

To Sponsor a Habitat you are asked to make a minimum tax-deductible donation:

One Year $450        Two Years $600        Three Years $750

(You may choose from any of the habitats. Subject to change without advance notice.)

Remember! Your Sponsorship Donation is tax deductible and eligible for Employer Matching Funds

For additional information contact:

Cougar Mountain Zoo
19525 SE 54th Street, Issaquah, WA
Phone: 425-392-6278

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